Me and She

Me and She
My family from the first moments of existence is my sister.

Marta and I are twins.

When we were kids all the games were double, then we learned to divide them by two. In the years we danced, we were “Le Gemi”, identical and synchronized.
Growing up, we started trying to assert our identity.
Only those who really know us know that many times we like the same things, but we are truly different in our relationships with others. I am more diffident, she is more open and reflective.
I am drastic, she is moderate. I can’t stand her perfumes, she can’t stand my carelessness.
Project: La Famiglia in Italia
Open Call by: FIAF - Italian Federation of Photographic Associations
My association: Officine Creative Italiane


“Among the prime numbers there are some even more special.
The mathematicians call them prime twins: they are pairs of prime numbers that are close, even almost close, because between them there is always an even number that prevents them from touching each other.”
Paolo Giordano


We can be symmetrical, but never identical.

This work was published in the national book for the collective photographic project “La Famiglia in Italia”.
The photographs were exhibited at Cifa Bibbiena during the national exhibition and at Palazzo della Penna for the regional exhibition relating to the project.