Where dreams go when we wake up

Where dreams go when we wake up
Project: L'Effimero e l'Eterno
Open Call by: FIAF - Italian Federation of Photographic Associations
My association: Officine Creative Italiane
Ephemeral fragments of us,
without space or time;
some without memory
remain veiled in a sensation
that persists over time.
Others are part of a thousand worlds,
hopes that become light,
nightmares that see you with closed eyes,
imaginary lives,
memories from the past.
In the dream we become immortal,
we are giants or small atoms,
we are ourselves or perhaps someone else,
we are light and even dark,
we are desires and fears.
We are, in our infinite and eternal totality.
Silvia Ricci

Snapshots taken in double exposure: the second shot appears in the dark areas of the first image.


In 2019 “WHERE DREAMS GO WHEN WE WAKE UP” receives the honorable mention at the FacePhotoNews of Sassoferrato “10th Portfolio della Strega”. In the same year it ranks the 3rd place in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana at the “18th Portfolio dell’Ariosto”, sixth stage of Portfolio Italia 2019.

The work becomes an audiovisual one and is selected for screening during the national conference of the DIAF (FIAF Audiovisual Department) of October 2019.